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Grace Changes Everything

Grace Counseling & Family Services offers individual, couples, and family therapy for children, teens, and adults.




Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is one type of psychotherapy in which a trained professional helps a single person work through personal issues they have been facing. It is an effective treatment for a variety of emotional difficulties and mental illnesses.

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Provider

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Program is a team based, consumer driven program for adults and children who are struggling with a mental illness and/or substance use issues. Services can be provided in the community, are flexible, and are meant to help individuals and families achieve their vision of recovery. A primary goal of CCS is to provide services through a single coordinated system of care and to support consumers to participate as equal partners.  

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Concentrating on better emotional functioning and improved interpersonal understanding, we can create stronger bonds and better communication.

School Based Therapy

School based therapy has no affiliation with the school, it is simply conducted at school. This option makes access to therapy easier by providing it to students at school. A student is simply excused from class at a time that is convenient for them and therapy is conducted in a confidential, safe space.


| noun |

Having an effortless disposition for generosity, helpfulness, and goodwill towards others.  

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